Software License Offer: Personal License to UDA 7.x Express Edition ODBC Driver for Ingres 3/8/9/10, for deployment on any supported Workstation-class Operating System
Offers a Personal License to Express Edition (Release 7.x) ODBC Driver for Ingres 3/8/9/10, for installation on one (1) host with up to 16 logical processors, running a Workstation-class Operating System. Allows five (5) concurrent ODBC data access sessions from licensed host, and is transferable across hosts running supported operating systems, without expiration.
Any Operating System Family
Open Database Connectivity Mechanism (Protocol)
Ingres Database Family
  • Ingres 10 Database Engine
  • Ingres 3.x Database Engine
  • Ingres 8.x Database Engine
  • Ingres 9.x Database Engine
  • Ingres 6.x Database Engine
  • Ingres 6.4.x Database Engine
  • Ingres II Database Engine
  • Ingres 2.x Database Engine
$ 99.99
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